Thursday 28th February – SUBJECT

Unfortunately today, I was unable attend any of the lectures with Paul and Gareth. I had hospital tests and appointments so was able to let everybody know before hand including my partner, Adam.

I plan to catch up with the lecturers as soon as possible as well as catching up with anything missed on Moodle. I will catch up with Adam too and make a plan of what there is that I need to catch up with and do over the weekend so that I am up to date and am ready unmoving forward next week.


Since, I have caught up with Adam and learned that the discussions I missed, and things I need to prepare/do in moving forward to next week is consider different mechanisms an how they might be used to make our product. Having spent the day in hospital last week, I have been rather unwell and have been unable to do very much which has made me rather anxious in getting started with this project however, I don’t want this to let me fall behind so aim to keep doing what I can to keep up wherever possible.

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