Tuesday 5th March

Morning with Claire; If your product were a persona, what would it be?

  • Efficient
  • Humorous
  • Quirky
  • Entertaining


The idea behind our product/robot is that stereotypically, when women and men live together, they have some certain pet hates – one of these being the fact that men often leave the toilet seat(s) up/open having been to the loo which leads to somebody, usually the women of the house, complaining, as they have to touch the seat to shut it again so that they can use the loo. This is both unpleasant and unhygienic – this is where our robot comes in – with a simple action/movement (undecided how it’ll be triggered yet) the toilet seat will be shut without any contact between the seat and the person themselves.

We want our product to have character and personality due to the reasoning for creating the product and the taboo there is that surrounds toilet humour.

Personality ideas;

  • Angry girlfriend
  • Cleanfreak mom
  • Mischievous boyfriend


To Do; Research into toilet hygiene, Toilet humour


We moved on to another manufacturing lecture with Paul. Having reflected on my feelings with regards to these lectures over the past couple of weeks, and having missed Thursdays session, I wasn’t particularly looking forward however, was pleased to find out that this would be more relevant to our model making within the module ‘CAD-CAM DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURE’. Having never used the CNC machines or the 3D printers before, I was intrigued to learn about the ways in which you design for these in order to create prototypes and products for manufacture. Although again, I found some of this information quite difficult to get my head around, it helped that I had some interest in the subject. Again, I made sure to take plenty of notes (these are very detailed and I will certainly be looking back to these when it comes to designing our prototype for manufacture as they’re very helpful and detailed. I also took photos of some of the examples Paul showed us in order to better understand when I’m looking back at my notes). I really enjoyed the Jonathan Ive and Apple example video that Paul showed, I felt a lot more understanding and connected to the process when it was discussing products that I own and use day to day, it put a lot of the processes into context and helped me better understand them.


Moving into the afternoon, we were posed with a task that I certainly wasn’t expecting. I was rather nervous about creating a robot/mechanism by hand only within a short time frame.  We began by discussing though our ideas and the options for which idea to choose (there were a few given to choose from) – strangely, what I thought was the simplest mechanism, Adam thought was the most difficult. So, we overcame this by sketching out and chatting through our ideas to gain a better understanding and come to a conclusion on what idea we were going to choose and how we were going to go about creating the mechanism.


Some of our hurdles/struggles;

  • too much friction
  • not enough weight
  • not enough strength
  • not enough understanding by us – however, carrying out this task allowed us to gain a better understanding for how basic mechanics work and how they are assembled

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