Following my Field module at the beginning of the year, during the module and, in my reflection, I set out to partake in more of the workshops within the school that were’n necessarily within my subject practice and my comfort zone. Having developed an interest within clothing and merchandise during Field, I chose to undertake a workshop in screen printing which I attended this morning;

As demonstrated in the images above, this workshop was very hands on and enjoyable. Having a hands on approach and being involved really helps me particularly in learning and understanding the different processes involved. I decided to stay in keeping with the work I produces during my field module trying to recreate my logo by hand.

Moving on to digital stitching, I was really surprised by this workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed and began developing a good understanding for designing for stitch including the software and materials involved.

For next week, we are to prepare something that we want to design for stitch and map out how this might be done within the stitch software.



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