Today I went to B&Q to do some further research into different types of toilet seat and to purchase a toilet seat for us to begin designing around and testing with.

I soon realised that the range of toilet seats on the market is a lot broader than anticipated and this is a huge factor that we will have to bear in mind when designing our product as this could have a big affect on the form of the product itself. For example, all of the seat fittings were different shapes and had slightly different measurements. Some were soft shutting (of different speeds) and some slammed shut (again differing depending on size, weight and material). Some of the seats had a gap between the layers whereas others laid on top of each other. Depending on the brand, materials and aesthetics, they varied hugely in price and quality and this was easy to tell from looking at and interacting with the products. We need to decide whether our product is to be designed for a specific toilet seat type, or, whether it’ll be universal to different toilet seats (better but, maybe more difficult to design and create for.) Interestingly, toilets were also placed in different locations in the demonstrative bathrooms – some had space to the sides, front and behind, whereas other were restricted in some areas. I took some videos of opening and shutting some of the different kinds while I was in the shop in case the force and speed affects what we’re doing, we can look back to these.i

I also began looking into and considering locations in which our product might be sold/displayed – I photographed some of these locations for us to consider further on in the project for example when we’re packaging or marketing designing for example. We could even have one or two of our products as display testers on some of the toilet seat displays. Having recently learned the importance of copyright and using photos off Google for creating presentation boards, inset images etc, I think we should aim to take our own high quality photographs for this purpose in particularly if we can’t find any that we’re completely happy with in the free online library.

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