Thursday 28th March

Morning; Paul’s Legal lecture

Afternoon; Theo’s humour in design

IMG_0537 2.jpg


Tutorial with Claire – feedback and notes;

  • Nothing wrong with the simplicity of our mechanism/product – we just need to design well for manufacture
  • Build a story around the frustration behind the toilet seat being left up, play on it and the fact that the toilet gets shut unpredictably should be a lesson taught to the user for leaving it open 24/7
  • (BA)Bulk out folder with some research, theory – have fun with it and play around with ideas. Accept it being gimmicky and not the beautiful designer we’re used to
  • (BSC) Bulk out folder with mechanism experimentation
  • Don’t worry too much about Friday’s deadline, just submit some experimental CAD folders for CNC to demonstrate skill and experimenting, you can then justify why you didn’t choose this method for your final design.

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