Although I feel as if I’ve been extremely reflective in terms of my work, tutorials and group work with Adam during this project, I felt like I’ve lost sight of my blog due to the workload and having multiple different things ongoing.

However, I feel like through my design booklet, final portfolio and final presentation(s) these reflections and the journey I’ve taken within my work will become clearer.

Since my last blog post for this project, we have come a rather long way. We stuck with the toilet seat shutting mechanism and have been through multiple iterations, conversations, tutorials and bumps in the road since. Having initially simplified our idea to a fairly basic mechanism (we both knew it was very basic and were unsure of how we felt with it but were rather confused in the electronics of complicating it), we made a last minute decision after all of our successful and unsuccessful developments/experimentation to add electronics into our design. This has meant that we have had an even higher workload during the last couple of weeks of the project to complete this and that we have had to compromise some things to get this done. However, in terms of meeting the brief from a mechanism perspective, we have worked to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and develop something more complex. If we had more time following this, I’d certainly have liked to work on creating a better outer aesthetic for the products casing. I’d also have pushed myself to try and better understand and be involved with some of Adams aspects of the project.

I have been rather unwell for a large majority of this project meaning that my design booklet isn’t quite as dense as I’d have liked it to have been. Despite this, I am both pleased and proud that I’ve pushed to complete and submit all work on time. However, despite this, I am  generally pleased with my efforts during this project in pushing into a rather gimmicky, comic style of design also considering design for manufacture and mechanisms. I am aware that my work may not present as beautifully as usual or as much in terms of workload however, I feel like I have benefitted from this project in a much different way – it has been a huge learning curve and eye opener from a BA to a BSC perspective with consideration of electronics, mechanisms and design for manufacture. I have learned so much that I will take forward into consideration for future projects which will be extremely useful moving forward to my third years projects. Despite not enjoying this project as much, and feeling like the project was more BSC orientated I have enjoyed the process, the mixture of teaching methods and the chance to work in mixed pairs.

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