Having felt disheartened by my first year experience of field, I was apprehensive to begin this module despite having selected it as an option. I couldn’t have been more wrong – I developed a passion for Industrial Design during this module so much so that it made me doubt my choice of product design at one point. This module taught me how to submerge myself in different ways of design thinking and styles from week to week as well as how to adopt different methods of design approach as well as selecting best methods for design communication/presentation. Through doing this, I widened my skill set in presentational techniques and perfected my ability to choose which style best to present my work from week to week eg through sketch, digital sketch, CAD etc. This also gave me opportunity to improve on some of my weaker skills eg CAD and even adopt whole new skills for instance, digital sketch. I liked the fast pace, layout, teaching style and demands of the module as well as the mixture of tasks given both group and individual constantly developing new ideas and gaining constructive feedback – a mixture of these benefited me in working to my best ability/workload while still finding it interesting and enjoyable.

Although I’m proud of my workload from this project, if I were to do it again, I’d certainly have pushed myself to explore CAD and digital sketch as a tools for development sooner in the process rather than letting them intimidate me. This would have also allowed me to produce a better final render in the penultimate week – this is the only part that I’m not so pleased with due to lack of time and skill, I wasn’t able to present my final idea to my best ability.


This module focused on learning to understand the importance of whole business design/knowledge in order to apply this developed understanding in designing and developing my own business idea. I have always had a keen interest in business hence selecting this module however, I was nervous on commencing due to having no previous experience or knowledge in this field and being within a group of predominantly fashion students. Having begun developing some of my own business ideas in my spare time, I decided to brave it and take one of these ideas forward for this module rather than playing it safe and designing a freelance style service as did many of my peers. I was nervous to do this due to it being a theme very personal and close to me, it took a lot of confidence to be so honest and open to the group in my first presentation but it certainly paid off. I surprised myself most out of all during this project, I fully submerged myself in it and developed a huge passion for the idea I was developing, going above and beyond to develop my ideas and continue working on it in any spare time (alongside a hospital admission for a chunk of the project). Through the different workshops, presentations and support from various professionals I developed a breadth of new knowledge in this subject area that I was able to apply and develop for my own ideas.

I am most proud and passionate about this project over all this year and have continued working on it in my spare time with great success. It has helped me begin making huge decisions and plans about the direction I would like to take my third year work and career path post university.

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