This weeks focus has been the ideation stage of the design process. Before this week, I wasn’t even sure of the meaning of ‘ideation’. Multiple ways of ideating and creating ideas have been taught and used this week in order to help form new and innovative ideas to answer the problems/gaps in the market found during our research. Sometimes it can be really difficult to begin coming up with new ideas so these tasks have really helped with getting this process and ideas flowing. It’s been hugely beneficial having such large amount of input from the whole class at this stage of the process, sorting good ideas from bad but also in coming up with new ideas from other people’s perspectives.

On Monday we uses a method called ‘crazy 8’s’ in which we made multiple grids of 8 each with our brief(s) titled at the top of each page. Then, the pages were passed around the group with people filling their own concept ideas into the boxes. After this and our ‘braindump’ session, we had over 150 additional ideas to help and consider in our designing and developing. Sorting through these ideas as a group was really insightful and interesting, allowing us to consider ideas that we probably would have never came up with.

On Tuesday, we focused on drawing and rendering techniques with Richard following from the previous session. We started to focus on and learn different techniques that can be used in order to add depth and detail into our designs by using different drawing and rendering materials such as Promarkers, pastels and fine liners. I’ve always appreciated high quality sketches and renderings and always hoped to be able to do this well myself at some point meaning I really benefited from this session and the tips/methods that were taught. I became frustrated at certain points but learned that this isn’t something that can be rushed and that is will take a lot of practice and time. But, even after a day of this I could see improvements in my work which was extremely encouraging and rewarding. I really look forward to incorporating some of these techniques into my sketches and designs understanding that I need to keep practicing in order to achieve a high-quality finish. I also learned that investing in quality drawing materials really is crucial, I never knew I’d be so protective over my equipment!

Despite the progress in our sketching and rendering, Its easy to say that the task of being given 100 sketch pages/ideas to complete by next Monday is a shock and daunting to everyone! Having started this task, I think I’m going to choose to go with quality over quantity while working to incorporate and improve on some of my new sketching techniques.

In Wednesday’s workshop, we began modelling the handheld object of our choice using the skills learned from our modelling workshops so far. I chose to model a computer mouse. Although id enjoyed working with the blue foam last week, I had to take time to plan out the size, shape and form of the mouse so I created some templates to help with this before hacking away at the blue foam. When it came to filing, sanding and finishing the body of the mouse, I soon discovered that I was losing size and that I needed to be more careful. I did make small mistakes and am not overly happy with the final outcome but I learned a lot during the process so am not going to dwell on in. Instead, I’ll take what I learned and make sure I don’t make these mistakes in my future modelling.

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