Moving into developing, testing, experimenting and making

Following our first tutorial and some further group discussions, we decided that we needed to broaden our ideas again – we’d narrowed our focus too soon. So, we took a few steps back again and began experimenting with some organic shapes and looking into some different types of materials.

I’ve been starting to enjoy this project more and more while really learning how to appreciate the different skillsets and ideas different people from both my subject group (product design) and our collaborate group (textiles) can and are bringing to the table and learning how we can incorporate all of these together into our project and final design. This is the first time I’ve ever really experimented/worked with metal too so I’m finding that both interesting and a little challenging. Experimenting with some different plastics and the heat gun created some really nice organic, flowy shapes which fits our painting and brief perfectly! I wish we had longer to complete the project so that we could have spent more time during this experimentation stage because I’ve really enjoyed and have learnt a lot to do with materials and how they can be manipulated using diferent methods.


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