Where do I start…

The last few weeks for me, have been a slight whirlwind in many aspects. After being extremely engaged with my first constellation group, attending every session, completing all of the work and even doing further reading, work and research, this time things are quite the opposite. Although I was extremely confused after the first couple of sessions studying ‘the meshwork’s of objects’ somehow, this confusion interested me and kind of drew me in… I was looking forward to seeing things unfold and try and develop a connection/understanding of this in relation to my practice subject. However, after my health taking a recent downward spiral and my work in terms of my subject group being pretty demanding alongside a very full on live project, I’ve really struggled to keep up in all aspects of life alongside having hospital and doctors appointments all across the country. This juggling of life with a chronic illness (which usually, I can manage pretty well) has unfortunately led to having to neglect a number of things recently, one of these being constellation.

I assume I have a lot to catch up on and this worries me even more.

However, one thing I have noticed though, even after attending the first couple of sessions, is my increasing attention to objects and their surroundings. Linking this to my course subject of product design, I’ve been noticing the connections and relationships between people and objects, these objects of course, products. I’ve been subconsciously picking up on how people misuse products and the way they talk of them. Equally, the things that people seem to love about certain products and even brands as a whole. Something else I’ve also picked up on is the effect some objects can have on the mood or atmosphere of a surrounding. The inclusion or arrangement of some objects can completely create or equally, ruin, the feel and look of a room. I’ve also noticed that people seem to have different perceptions of products/objects and their uses. Some people also use the same objects differently. Why is this? Moving on from this, I have also been considering the life of a object/product – what materials is it made of? where have these come from? have they been recycled? was this product once something else? And therefore, thus considering and linking to the meshwork’s of objects. I could be heading in the completely wrong direction but, I’d like to hope that starting to notice some of these things is demonstrative of the development in my understanding of this constellation group.

Hopefully, I can get back on track, start catching up on some missed work and have the physical ability to begin attending lectures again giving me the opportunity to fully appreciate this subject of study.

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