I felt as if I’d developed well over the course of the first week of this module. I felt as if my sketching skills certainly developed to a higher standard without being too precious or too time consuming. Although I would have liked to have spent more time concentrating on my rendering skills, I gave it my best go in the time given despite feeling very much out of practice. I’m pleased with the workload I produced and the final design I contributed to our final presentation on Tuesday morning. I value the feedback given and will take this on board in moving forward to the second week.

Week 2 focused on minimalism. The Minimalist style is a favourite of mine so I was very much looking forward to getting stuck into this one. I soon learned that the difficult thing in fact with minimalism, is keeping the design simple and minimal and resisting the urge to add too many details or features. I learned that minimalism is all about large blank spaces and is usually extremely well thought through design. Having felt that CAD was one of my weaker skills last year, I was extremely appreciative for the refresher CAD session with Joe however, unfortunately, due to ill health I had to leave early and was unable to complete this weeks activities and tasks to the standard and quantity I had hoped. Despite this, again I tried to take on any feedback and any new information given in order to move forward with my designs. This week I began specifically considering human interactions with products and the uses and purposes of certain elements of products. For example, one of the things I began to explore and question is why it is that a hairdryer needs a handle? I started exploring handless hairdryer forms in order to create a more minimalistic hair dryer design. I also began exploring buttons and the experience of interacting with them. I looked into the ergonomics of buttons and the specific functions of different buttons as well as their aesthetics for example backlit.

I don’t feel as if our team worked quite as well this week in working together to make a range of products that matched and appeared as if they followed the same design spec and methodologies. I think this was mostly down to many members of the group not being present for the majority and therefore, we had difficulty in conversing and sharing ideas – this definitely reflected in our final presentation and the feedback received following it so, in going forward next week, I hope to ensure that all members of the group are on the same page and in the loop of what exactly we aim to design and to what spec/methodologies in order ensure that next week, we can confidently present a range of high standard products designed to fit the same brief and cohere with each other.

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