Having made a couple of mood boards for my pecha kucha that considered both the logos of my competitors as well as some logos I found aesthetically pleasing as well as doing some further market research both online and physically visiting high end retail stores and analysing some of the logos of brands they stock there, I have began considering my own logo in more depth and what I might like it to look like despite not being set on a brand name / strapline quite as yet. It seems in the world of higher end markets / brands at the moment, that very minimal yet well thought through logos are common with use of minimal colour / fuss. A lot of them use very basic, readable, recognisable type phase ( lots of use of sans serif fonts ). I want my brand to feel luxurious, bespoke and high end yet comforting and inviting and would like this to be reflected through my logo. In order to fulfil this, I’m going to look into the use of basic colours such as black and white as well as basic typefaces / spacing such as the sans serif fonts but look to adding a small personal touch / twist to it to.

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