I preferred todays design for manufacture lecture as it related back to some of my interests including sustainable design/recyclable design.

Moving on to our CAD workshop, due to being unable to follow along on my own laptop, I made sure to take plenty of notes and photographs (I prefer doing it this way anyway as I have something to refer back to and follow) so in my own time, will spend some time in the MAC suite putting these skills to practice so that I’m able to apply them in my own designs and work.


In the afternoon, Adam and I sat down together to brainstorm some of our ideas and start thinking about how they might work if we were to make them for real – I think the key here is to next week, start creating and prototyping some of these very simply in order to develop a better understanding for how they function. We’re both rather confused in this field so we watched some youtube videos and had a couple of discussions along with mapping out on paper how some things might work. We also narrowed down our focus for our robots task to complete, how it might be done, and what might be needed to do so. Although rather short and fast, our tutorial with Claire helped narrow this focus and create a more realistic idea.

Both feeling a little confused/lost with the project and our idea, we created to do list for the next couple of days so that hopefully, we can come back to it next week with a clearer mind, a better understanding and a narrowed focus so that we are able to get on with development, planning and prototyping/testing. We decided that for now, it best to focus on the actual mechanics and workings of the product rather than getting caught up in its aesthetics as we’ll have plenty of time to focus on this after.


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